A confinement that installs us in a perpetual present, a suspended  time, where minutes accumulate giving way to a long pause. A  reminder that the time we live is not entirely ours. 

It seems that nothing changes, however, the pause confronts us again with the  intimate space, the daily light, the creative serenity and the beauty of raw materials  that transform silently and whose change is only perceived in solitude. This suspended time points to the return of the past and memory, however, it also  reminds us that it is always inevitable to mutate, to stop being the same to point to an  open and air-filled future. 

It is through the use of the language contained in the materials themselves that we  have decided to break this pause. Freeing their energy and allowing their  transformation. Materials that become objects loaded with beauty, silence and  serenity. 

We decided to put into dialogue marble blocks and solid pieces of volcanic enclosure  with organic elements. Natural vegetable and animal fibers woven with solid woods  that awaken the senses of touch, sight and smell again. 



Video: Roxana Vermell // 

Photography: Jaime Navarro