Baron & Vicario

Baron & Vicario comes from the idea of generating a concept new during the pandemic, with our environment affected and transformed, creating new requirements for each one of us. From this reflection, comes also the need to boost, through the design, little Mexican workshops. 

The constant out relation with their express, but above all, with the feeling and pride of knowing, that they are Mexican, with the feeling of being part of a concept that is proud deeply of contributing to México, and being Mexico.

Baron & Vicario is a project of Raúl de la Cerda, mexican designer, inspired in his daily life, the curiosity of the things and above all, his country. The most important thing is creating each piece and the hands that work on it, with dedication and compromise.

The main objective is to support local workshops, bringing better conditions of health, security and jobs. Always being conscious and responsible of the social and cultural compromise for our country.

Photography:  Roxana Vermell @roxanavermell