Honey Lounge

A unique and monumental space that emerges as an oasis in a totally corporate project. Located on the fifth floor of a building with postmodern architecture. Honey Lounge, was born as a void of monumental dimensions expressing the history of a recognized line of nightclubs. A fortunate irregularity of unique and unrepeatable character in one of the most representative residential and commercial districts of Mexico City.

Taking the organic architecture of the building as the main concept, an obsessive repetition of shapes and curves is generated, creating different areas and volumes reflecting a natural quality. A sculptural universe, with finishes that invade the place and adopt their own rational forms.

The force of the space is made up of a duality: the raw, wrapping each corner of the project in an almost liquid mass of a completely natural and imperfect material, transforming each corner into a space or an organic form. In the bright, it is contrasted by copper, a material that is immersed in the project creating a metallic patina which works as light screens to generate different environments and sensations.

Lighting plays an important role in the expression of space, integrating it into the space, forming lines of light that can be adjusted and configured according to the needs of the space. An illuminating project that is transformed at all times, and ranges from subtle accents of architectural lighting, to colors, strobes and neons accompanied by smoke and music.

Velvet curtains, marble tables, copper lamps, leather, tapestries, mosaics and wooden slats are some of the elements that complete this project. The decoration and furniture are the main elements, giving the project a young, fun and playful personality.

Playing with different colors, shapes, materials and textures to take the user to a cognitive and sensory experience that teleports them to another time and another place. To that eclecticism in the architecture of the 20’s. Where a century later we return to refer to those years of luxury and prosperity that characterized that time.

This is how it is, Honey Louge, a tribute to light, music and architecture, to the poetry of shadows, to the colorful and the dark, to the absence of light, which is as relevant as its presence creating a serene atmosphere. and monochromatic but crazy and colorful at the same time.

Photohraphy: Jaime Navarro