Gin Lab

A space with a clear aesthetic, contemporary and rich in materials, with the aim of preserving and projecting the passion for cocktail practices of a mystical drink, called “London Dry Gin”; Inspired is its history, recipes, distillation methods, techniques and ingredients.

The objective was to create a space with a contemporary sensibility inspired in the era of the “Lost Generation” this group of American writers who lived in Paris in the late 20’s who secretly gathered to celebrate and drink gin (being a prohibited drink).

With a maximalist decoration, velvety curved seats, marbles, mirrors, natural vegetation, a game of textures on the floor, a mystical tone on the walls and a very punctual lighting that refers to those ballrooms of that time.

It seeks to create a sensory experience for visitors, where the senses guide you through the aromas of the botanists, music, and the game of finishes, colors and textures taking them to a warm, calm and relaxed environment.

An experimental laboratory that works with the botanists of Bombay Sapphire, these ingredients collected in different parts of the world are reflected in the walls, painted by Diego Beauroyre, a very talented Mexican artist.

The furniture is costume design for the space by Raul de la Cerda in collaboration with different brands like Artelinea, Breuer, Fabrica Astilla, among others; finally, the landscaping project is a collaboration between the renowned Mexican landscaper Pedro Sanchez and the Polen Atelier de Flores.

Presentation Design Week 2019

Photography Jaime Navarro @jaimenavarros