Colaboration with PAIR Arquitectura

Fratelli la Búfala is a Neapolitan franchise located in the center of the Polanco neighborhood of  Mexico City, with a family and relaxed atmosphere where diners can observe how traditional  Neapolitan pizzas are created in a stone oven, imported from Italy and made with volcanic stone  from Vesuvius. 

The concept of space was born by itself, it was only necessary to sit and admire the magic of cooking and  see how Mediterranean flavors were transported from Italy to Mexico. The aromas are the  protagonists of the story and I only need to see how they prepared a pizza to define everything. 

The inspiration is the story of the three Fratelli brothers, with an industrial touch that tells us  about the years when Pippo lived in New York, working as a pizza maker from one restaurant to  another. The walls with a rustic appearance tell us about Toto and his years in the Mediterranean,  dancing flamenco and working as a waiter. While Gennaro’s sophistication with his years in Paris,  although he worked as a night watchman in a garage, it was his love for France that kept him there  for so many years. 

It was sought to take the user directly to the kitchen, considering it the heart of any project. Offer  a comfortable and relaxed space. A tribute to families and that moment when a grandmother  starts cooking; those anecdotes and that landscape, undoubtedly disorderly, but with the highest  warmth that a space can offer. 

An easy space to see, to the body and above all to use. 

Photohraphy: Jaime Navarro @jaimenavarros