Design House 18

Fun, playful, colorful and above all: eccentric, is Design House´s lobby. The vestiges of the construction, invite to change the daily life of what seems to be a gray city, in the extravagant reality of the Mexican who projects his versatility in the difficult art of interior design.

The vestiges of an abandoned construction, invite to change the daily life of what seems to be a gray house, in the reality of the Mexican who creates an interior design project.

Because for him, furniture is indispensable, for interior design, it seems necessary to rely on a surface, a piece of furniture, a table… it seems impossible to become a reality without them. But this space represents the Mexican who transforms his reality, which, like this design, manages to project through its spaces, walls, floors and windows, a different way of being different and creational.

And they become a complement to the artistic visual image that accompanies it and is inspired by the depth of a Mexico that tries to rebuild itself, without losing its foundations. 

And at the same time, inspired by an eccentric woman; perfectly dressed, striking and elegant. That, like this space, is complemented by geometric shapes and figures, which give life to its essence and this space.

A tribute to Sara Galindo, one of the most influential and important fashion figures in Latin America: her travels, her style and her passion to boost Mexican talent in the world inspire this space, with its colors and shapes, they become in a living example of what is different and risky and that projects in its most intimate essence the Mexican.

Presentation Design Week 2019

Photography Jaime Navarro @jaimenavarros