Colaboration with Difane

We believe that the most important thing for the creative mind that is eclectic, different and varied, is the main space where their ideas arise; a fundamental space, where the insight that generates a new project originates.

Inspired by the work and structure of Enrique Castañeda Taborel, and combining imagination with innovation and experience, Dasein emerges. A space for him, based on the interpretation of its forms and structures.

Continuous curves, rounded shapes and textured surfaces are some of the elements used in the space, elements that allude to components of nature to achieve a sensation of dynamism and fluidity, with the aim of facilitating connection, inspiring creativity and expanding the consciousness of who inhabits this studio.

Dasein is a philosophical term that refers to “being there”, and that alludes to the being that inhabits this space, that generates and builds. The being to whom ideas come and with them builds new projects, with absolute creativity.

That is why De la Cerda and Difane merge on this occasion to break the way of understanding that usual private and work space, a space that must be multifunctional, different, personal and professional at the same time, but that always invites the calm that is needed, so that new ideas emerge.

Presentation Design Week 2022

Photography Jaime Navarro @jaimenavarros

Photohraphy: Jaime Navarro