The concept is the essentiality of the materials, with a simple style, honest and minimalist. Straight lines, geometric shapes, simple final touches, less noise and more

It’s called “Antropología”, gathering around the concept of the word itself “Anthropology”. Compex in the study of the materials, processes of transformation and creation, but comfortable to the sight and body. With a feeling of naturality, each piece
offers multiple functions, lateral tables, accent ones, stool… creating a balanced act of use, expression and control.
A family that plays with shapes, symmetry and scale to create contemporary objects that highlight the purity of the materials (solid marble and solid wood), like the exquisite job of cabinetmaking.

BREUER is a reference in design and fabrication of furniture and spaces custom made in the country, a company where lives and breathes contemporary culture. From the beginning, the brand has developed collections in collaboration with designers, architects and first world artists. 

For Design House 2019 edition, Raúl designed Anthropology, a family of benches and tables manufactured in american oak and black marble, inspired in the geometry, repetition and simplicity of the prehistoric pieces in the Museo of Antropología in Mexico City.

Photography: Mariana Achach @achachmariana