Río Bravo

Colaboration with PAIR Arquitectura

Río Bravo is a haute couture, shirt, fabric and accessories store for men with more than four decades in the market. A family business that has stood out for offering the best fabrics and the highest clothing in the country. Their personalized designs, quality in materials and handmade work are recognized worldwide; they are representatives of the most exclusive brands of fabrics and cashmere such as Dormeuil, Zignone and Holland and Sherry. Their headquarters located on Calle de Hamburgo, in the Juárez neighborhood, became a symbol of elegance and sophistication over the years.

Recently they had to move the small tailor shop to a larger space just a few blocks from their place of origin. The challenge would be trying to retain that sense of refinement and welcome that the previous store possessed. For the same reason, it was sought that the chromatic range of the premises, as well as its lighting, would create this sensation of comfort despite the new scale. The materials were carefully chosen since the architecture had to follow the distinguished line of the garments that are exhibited there.

The combination of wood, national marble, gold accents and textile lambrins create an elegant and masculine space that aims to imitate the timelessness of the haute couture it houses.  A sober style and a subtle combination of punctual and indirect lighting were sought, not only to create an atmosphere, but also to generate a unique shopping experience for the user. The geometry of the premises seeks to be elemental in its forms, composed of the intersection of a series of rectangular prisms and cylinders, whose surface changes are accentuated by the different materials that compose them.

Photohraphy: Jaime Navarro @jaimenavarros